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Boat slip and dry dock rental at Money Island Marina

docks at Money Island MarinaProtected boat slips are available for the longest possible season - from March 15 through December 15  - for one unbeatably low seasonal rate of $45 per foot. We can accommodate boats from 16' to 35'.

We also offer seasonal dry dock in a supervised storage area with unlimited boat ramp use for $500.

Trailer storage and winter storage are also available.



Download a rental application

(Revised 3/15/2015)


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Payment Method

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(We encourage payment in cash or check. We charge a convenience fee of 4% for credit card transactions).


I have read and understand and agree to abide by the "Money Island Marina Slip/Space Rental Agreement" and the "Money Island Marina Operating Policies" posted online at and in the marina office. (A printed copy is available on request).


Boat OWNER Signature __________________________ Date _________________


Bruce Muenker for

Money Island Marina ____________________________ Date _________________

MONEY ISLAND MARINA SLIP/SPACE RENTAL AGREEMENT                                              

(Revised 3/15/2015)


This agreement (hereinafter called “AGREEMENT”) is entered into for the sole consideration stated between Money Island Marina LLC (hereinafter called “MIM”) and the undersigned vessel owner, its agents or personnel (hereinafter called “OWNER”).


As specified herein and in exchange for the payment specified herein, MIM shall provide OWNER slip or dry dock space (hereinafter called “SPACE”) at MIM’s place of business (hereinafter called “PREMISES”) with a mailing address at 192 Bayview Road, Newport, New Jersey, 08345 for the vessel named below (hereinafter called “VESSEL”).


All references below to VESSEL include her appurtenances, gear, trailer, equipment, and contents.


All references below to PREMISES include all land and personal property of MIM, buildings, piers, pilings, docks, wharfs, equipment, walkways, roadways, waterways, and the waters of Nantuxent Creek within 500 feet of docks, and OWNER’s conduct on PREMISES shall be governed by AGREEMENT.


All references below to “WATER” shall include all the waters of Nantuxent Creek within 500 feet of the marina property, the marina entrance, and any water under or adjacent to PREMISES.



Accordingly, MIM and OWNER mutually warrant, covenant and agree as follows:


1. GOVERNING LAW - This is an admiralty and maritime slip/space rental agreement under the General Maritime Laws, Statutes and Code of the United States of America and MIM will have a maritime lien on VESSEL for amounts due under this agreement that are not paid by OWNER.


2. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND BOATING LIABILITIES – In providing SPACE to OWNER, MIM relies on the financial credit of VESSEL. MIM shall have a maritime lien against VESSEL for sums due for SPACE, services provided to VESSEL, injury or damage caused or contributed to by VESSEL or OWNER, including but not limited to damage to pier, piling, docks, or wharf, personal injury, damage to other vessels, pollution by sinking, collision, or fire, and other losses. It is further agreed that all services provided by MIM to OWNER or VESSEL are in furtherance of navigation of VESSEL and in furtherance of waterborne use, whether such services are performed ashore or afloat.


It is the full responsibility of OWNER to make arrangements for safety and protection of VESSEL. MIM shall not be responsible or liable to OWNER or to OWNER's guests or invitees for any damage, loss or injury (including but not limited to property damage and damage to VESSEL itself) unless the damage, loss or injury arises out of the intentional and willful acts of MIM. MIM shall not be liable or responsible to OWNER or to OWNER's guests or invitees for MIM's negligent acts or omissions. In no event shall MIM be responsible or liable to OWNER or to OWNER's guests or invitees for special, consequential or incidental damages. 


3. INDEMNIFICATION - OWNER and VESSEL will indemnify and hold harmless MIM, for the consideration herein set forth, from any cost, expenses, damages or liability that may be asserted by anyone due to:

(a) Property loss of any type, property damage due to fire, theft, collision, or property loss of any other type caused by VESSEL, or on the premises of MIM or to personal property of others on VESSEL on MIM premises;

(b) Any personal injury, death or illness arising from the occupancy of, or use of MIM premises or facilities, where such injury or damage is caused in part by the acts or omissions of OWNER, his agents, servants, invitees or personnel; and

(c) Any alleged damage or loss to marine property, non-marine property or personal injury caused in any part by OWNER, his agents, servants, invitees or personnel.


4. SLIP RENTAL / DRY DOCK - This agreement is to provide a slip/space rental along with use of a boat ramp for use while the agreement is in effect. AGREEMENT does not create a bailment of VESSEL, nor do the parties intend to create a bailment of VESSEL. AGREEMENT is merely for the renting of SPACE by OWNER for VESSEL. There is neither temporary nor permanent dominion or control exercised over VESSEL by MIM but said control is to remain in OWNER at all times. AGREEMENT is for the use of SPACE only and SPACE is to be used at the sole risk of OWNER. MIM shall not be liable for the care or protection of VESSEL at any time.


5. INSURANCE - OWNER covenants and agrees that he has in full force and effect a third party liability policy. It shall be the responsibility of OWNER to keep this policy current.


6. TERMINATION – AGREEMENT shall be in full force and effect, unless terminated under any one of the following conditions:

A. By destruction of SPACE or other facilities by fire, storm, acts of God, acts of government, acts of third parties, or other calamity;

B. In the event OWNER shall make a bona fide sale of VESSEL, and/or remove VESSEL to another mooring after notification to MIM and payment of all accrued charges;

C. By breach or default of the terms of Marina Policies as provided in paragraph 8 below set forth in “Exhibit A” or subsequent amendments, and as solely determined by MIM;

D. By termination in writing upon thirty days’ notice by MIM;

E. By termination in writing by OWNER. Seasonal leases terminated early by OWNER are subject to payment of any amount remaining on lease term, unless waived by MIM.

F. On December 15, 2015, the last day of service under AGREEMENT.


7. ABANDONMENT – Any boat, trailer or other property left on MIM property for more than 14 days without a lease agreement in force shall be considered abandoned and subject to removal and disposition in the same manner as described in the Remedy for Breach section below. 


8. ADVERTISING, SHOWING AND SELLING YOUR BOAT: MIM offers the ability to advertise, display, show and sell your boat, trailer and equipment with the assistance of marina resources and personnel. MIM’s default fee is 10% of the sales price but we encourage you to negotiate a customized sales plan that may work best for your boat and equipment.


9. MARINA POLICIES - OWNER agrees to comply with all posted marina policies, rules and regulations herein attached hereto and marked “Exhibit A” as fully as though they were set forth herein, and should breach of AGREEMENT or violation of posted rules or regulations occur, AGREEMENT shall terminate immediately at the option of MIM. OWNER agrees that upon such violation MIM may immediately remove VESSEL from SPACE, without notice to OWNER and at OWNER’S risk, and retake possession of SPACE. 


10. ENTIRE AGREEMENT - This document along with the Application Form and Marina Policies attached hereto constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. Marina personnel are not authorized to modify any part of this agreement verbally. Should there be waiver of any conditions by MIM, this shall not be deemed to be a continuing waiver.


11. NO ASSIGNMENT OR SUB-LET - There can be no assignment by either party without the full consent and knowledge of the other party and such consent will not be unreasonably withheld.


12. REMEDY FOR BREACH - In the event of any breach hereunder including but not limited to recovery in whole or in part for service or slip/space rental charges, in any Court, OWNER hereby agrees to pay all Court costs together with attorney fees and interest and further agrees that VESSEL shall be responsible for such costs, fees and interest. Should a suit result against VESSEL in rem, OWNER agrees and consents to have MIM appointed as substitute custodian who may be responsible to secure removable items, with the consent or at the direction of the United States Marshal.


 MONEY ISLAND MARINA OPERATING POLICIES                                                                     

(Revised 3/15/2015)


In the effort to provide an inviting atmosphere for all boat owners using space at Money Island Marina (hereafter referred to as MIM), the following policies and regulations are provided for the comfort and protection of all customers and their guests. Your cooperation in observing the following rules is required, expected, and appreciated.


1. EMERGENCY MEASURES: In the event that an emergency has occurred during OWNER’s absence, MIM reserves the right but not the responsibility to take such action as it deems necessary and prudent to safeguard VESSEL, SPACE, adjacent vessels, or PREMISES. OWNER agrees to reimburse MIM for any and all costs incurred on behalf of VESSEL in emergencies taken in good faith.


2. FIRES AND COMMON AREAS: A propane grill located in the common area may be used for outdoor cooking while on PREMISES. Causing or permitting charcoal fires or any other type of fire on PREMISES shall be a breach of these regulations.


3. STORAGE ON DOCKS: OWNER shall not affix, store or place supplies, bikes, equipment, dinghies, skiffs, accessories, decorative items, materials, or debris of any kind on piers, docks, pilings or seawall. OWNERS shall not construct or place any lockers, chests, storage cabinets or similar structures on piers, docks or seawall without approval of MIM. Only approved dock boxes will be permitted. No loose items of any kind may be stored anywhere other than on VESSEL. MIM reserves the right to remove any item to preserve the safety of the property and people.


4. CORDS: Only marine power cords are acceptable for shore to vessel connection, and must be maintained in safe working order. No modified power cords may be connected. All water hoses, phone cords and excess power cords must be maintained on VESSEL or on a designated holder. These items may not be stored on the piers, seawall, docks, grass or sidewalks. Power cords and hoses may not be run across docks or piers.


5. NOISE: Noise shall be kept at a minimum at all times. Patrons shall use discretion when operating engines, generators, radios and television sets so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance to others. Socializing aboard vessels or in the community area of MIM must not cause a disturbance to other dock customers.


6. SWIMMING: Swimming is at your own risk.


7. PETS: MIM is a pet-friendly business. Pets shall be under control at all times in accordance with local and state regulations and must be toileted off PREMISES. OWNERS are required to clean up after their pets immediately. At the sole discretion of MIM any pet deemed to be a nuisance may be required to be leashed or may be banned from PREMISES.


8. PARKING: OWNER will be allowed parking space for access to VESSEL. Overnight trailer parking with or without boats is available for an additional fee. Other long-term parking must be cleared with the marina office prior to leaving for any period longer than 24 hours. MIM reserves the full right to limit use of the parking area and to make parking changes for additional regularly used spaces or unused vehicles.


9. GARBAGE AND WASTE: Garbage, refuse or waste shall never be disposed of into WATER. All garbage and waste shall be placed in containers supplied for that purpose. No person shall discharge oil, fuel, solvents or inflammable liquids into WATER. It is OWNER's responsibility to ensure that bilges are kept free of fuel traces in order to prevent contamination of WATER. Bilges shall not be pumped while within WATER. Waste oil shall be placed in the waste-oil tank provided for this purpose. Boat bottom cleaning can be accomplished by appointment through the MIM service department for haul and proper disposal of marine matter. Under no circumstances will OWNER vacate a head or holding tank within WATER. MIM supports and complies with local and state regulations intended to keep the environment clean.


10. COMMUNITY AREAS: No personal items may be affixed to any MIM property. Personal items left in community areas and buildings will be removed. Community areas are for the use of all dock customers and standards of cleanliness of surroundings and courtesy in behavior are expected. Dock customers are responsible for the behavior of their guests.


11. LIVE-ABOARDS: OWNER shall not live, nor permit any other to live, aboard VESSEL without the written consent of MIM.


12. SIGNS: Hang signs on marina property by permission only.


13. SECURITY: MIM may utilize video recording systems and use marina personnel to watch and protect Marina property. We are not obligated to provide this service and sometimes security systems fail to operate properly. Security personnel are not responsible for OWNER’s property. If necessary, copies of security video may be available to OWNER to substantiate an insurance claim or police report. A small fee may be required for reproduction of a security video. If you need a copy of a security video, notify the marina manager as early as possible indicating the location and beginning/ending date and time of the security video requested.


14. ELECTRICAL OUTAGES: MIM shall not held be responsible for electrical interruptions or outages or the results or damages therefrom.


15. HARBOR SPEED RESTRICTIONS: OWNER agrees to limit VESSEL speed to 2 knots while within WATER in front of docks.


16. ABANDONMENT OF VESSELS, VEHICLES AND TRAILERS: Vessels, vehicles and trailers left on marina property for more than 14 days without a lease agreement in force are considered abandoned and will be removed or destroyed at the marina staff’s discretion with the cost of removal or destruction borne by OWNER.


17. MAINTENANCE WITHIN THE SLIPS: Only vessels in good and seaworthy condition, and under their own power, shall be permitted to enter and remain in SPACE.  Painting, scraping or repair of gear shall not be permitted in the slip nor on the docks, finger piers, sidewalks, or picnic tables. No pressure washing shall be done within WATER. The extent of maintenance or repair work OWNER may perform upon VESSEL while in SPACE shall be at the sole discretion of MIM. MIM encourages the use of biodegradable phosphate-free cleansers and environmentally safe methods of vessel maintenance and repair.


18. OUTSIDE LABOR: Outside labor or independent contractor work is allowed after permission is obtained from the MIM service office. Prior to commencement of and work, all outside labor or independent contractors shall sign in at service office and provide proof of general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 each occurrence /$2,000,000 aggregate and proof of workers’ compensation insurance. MIM reserves the right to stop any contractor or “do it yourselfer” from performing work which is harmful to the environment.


19. SERVICE YARD AND WORKSHOP: The workshop and service yard are closed to all but MIM personnel.


20. COMPANY PERSONNEL: Tips are appreciated for exceptional service. Any comments or concerns about marina personnel or staff of less than exceptional service should be reported directly to the onsite marina manager at 856-447-3576. Any comments or concerns about the marina manager should be reported directly to MIM’s authorized representative Tony Novak at 856-649-4171.


21. COMPANY EQUIPMENT: MIM’s tools and equipment will not be loaned to or used by anyone other than MIM personnel.


22. WEATHER SAFETY: OWNER accepts all responsibilities for the proper positioning, tie-up and checking of VESSEL under all circumstances. In the event of predicted foul weather approaching, MIM maintains a Foul Weather Response Plan. MIM reserves the right to remove any item from its piers, docks, seawall and community areas in order to provide for the safety of its property and that of others. Loose items belonging to OWNER will be stowed on VESSEL.


23. CHECKING OUT: Guests checking out of the Marina shall report to the MIM office and settle their account prior to departure. OWNERS shall notify the MIM office and pay all invoices owed prior to removing VESSEL permanently from MIM.


24. SUBLEASING: OWNER shall not allow any vessel other than VESSEL to occupy SPACE, nor shall VESSEL occupy any other slip/space without the express consent of MIM. Dinghies and tenders may not occupy an additional slip without the express written consent of MIM.


25. OVERNIGHT CRUISES: OWNER is required to notify the MIM office when taking VESSEL for an overnight cruise.


26. DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS: In the event the slip/space fees or other MIM charges have not been paid within thirty (30) days after the same shall become due, MIM shall, at its sole option, have the right to change the rate from monthly to daily and all storage charges thereafter shall bear interest at the highest legal rate. After ninety (90) days of non-payment of amounts due, MIM may take necessary steps to collect said amounts due plus reasonable collection expenses.


27. VIOLATIONS: Violations of these rules and regulations, disorder, depredations, or indecorous conduct by OWNER, his crew, agents or guests that might injure or annoy other persons or cause damage to property shall be cause for immediate removal of VESSEL and termination of AGREEMENT at the sole discretion of MIM. Violation of any City or County Ordinance, State or Federal Laws, or regulations of City, County, State or Federal agencies shall be cause for MIM to immediately terminate AGREEMENT and exclude OWNER and VESSEL from PREMISES.


28. COMLIANCE WITH NJ ACCESS TO WATERWAYS LAW: This agreement may be modified from time to time by requirements of New Jersey’s Access to Waterways law. MIM welcomes its role as steward of a public resource and recognizes the need to balance the rights and privileges of our members with those of the public.


28. CHANGE OF RULES AND REGULATIONS: MIM reserves the right to amend or make additions to, or deletions from, these policies, as it deems necessary.  Notice of said changes shall be given via email to OWNER at the email address given on this Agreement.




Marinas and waterways are inherently dangerous. Exercise caution and always keep safety as your first priority. Enjoy our facilities at your own risk.

Green energy certified

Money Island Marina LLC is pleased to host projects of BaySave Foundation promoting sustainability of the Delaware Bay communities and the living shoreline projects of The Nature Conservancy and the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. The marina uses Green-e Energy to certify that its energy program meets the minimum environmental and consumer protection standards established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions.